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When a mysterious force renders all magic users unable to cast spells, a single little witch decides to get to the bottom of it. Use your spells to solve puzzles and fight monsters! Navigate through two dungeons and square up against three different bosses!


Arrow Keys - Move

X - Cast Spell

Z - Select Spell

Enter - Start


This is my first jam and also my first time completing a project! I made every inch of the game myself from the programming to the music. I really hope you enjoy it!

P.S. Don't look directly at the bugs.


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Published57 days ago
TagsAnime, gameboy, gbjam5, Magic, Top Down Adventure, witches
Player countSingleplayer

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Windows Only. P sure anyway.


Under The Black Mountain (21 MB)


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Was cool until I died to the boss and had to do the whole "I sense an evil presence" part again, including collecting the 6 (or was it 8?) keys.
Just to fight the boss again! >:O

Very fun, but no blenders :(